10 benefits of outsourcing your marketing

Outsourcing marketing is more common than you might think. Recent research has shown that more than 42% of UK businesses don’t handle their marketing in-house.

If you own a small business or startup, chances are that to date you’ve done much of the marketing yourself. To grow however, you also know that you need to build a bigger and better brand – all of which require time, people and money. But what should you do if you aren’t ready to invest in a permanent in-house marketing resource?

The top 5 services that are handed over to external experts are:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Public Relations
  5. Direct Marketing

What are the 10 benefits of getting outside help with your marketing?

1. Expertise

A good marketing partner will have an experienced and skilled team ready to go. Regardless of your marketing needs, you will not have to worry about training or learning how to do new things.

2. High quality results

On top of expertise and broad skill-sets, marketing partners have strong motivation to keep their clients happy with top quality work. As the adage goes, ‘you’re only as good as your last job’ and marketing agencies know this all too well, as their work is often the first point of customer contact.

3. Reduced business and staffing costs

Putting aside the benefit of not having to pay for a full-time in-house employee, outsourcing also means costs such as training, expenses, holidays and employee benefits are kept under control.

4. Fresh and objective advice

Outside partners will almost certainly bring a fresh perspective to your brand. Unfettered by internal politics and company legacy, they are more objective and can bring constructive criticism garnered from working with a wide range of customers and industries.

5. Increased collaboration

Marketing partners will often work efficiently with a number of stakeholders to get answers and information to ensure their work is effective. This will help keep those responsible more aligned to the marketing strategy and objectives, helping boost collaboration where often there had been little.

6. Less management

Your marketing partner will already be very versatile in producing their work and where they do it without heavy management oversight. This helps keep any management overhead to a minimum as it means they will rarely take up any office space or resources, and will be more than comfortable delivering project work confidently.

7. Scale output quickly

Outsourcing your marketing gives you headroom to increase productivity as you are less reliant on internal resources becoming available. Equally, your partner will be able to handle increased work requirements as and when needed to boost business goals.

8. Support whenever you need it

As with all ‘pay as you go’ services, you can increase or decrease marketing requirements to best suit your business patterns. Like many businesses, you probably experience peaks and troughs at certain times in a year where you need marketing assistance at different intensities..

9. Access to better marketing tools

All good marketing agencies invest in the best and most up-to-date technology and services to accomplish their work. It’s almost certainly more extensive and better than what you have internally. You automatically benefit from access to a multitude of tools and services normally out of reach of your business.

10. Better results & ROI

In the end, results are what it is all about – for you and your marketing partner. With their expertise and experience you should expect high standards and results that outperform any in-house efforts.

What marketing services could you outsource?

  • Marketing strategy
  • Strategy analysis
  • Branding / Re-branding
  • Blogging and copywriting
  • Social media management
  • Website update/re-vamp
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • New digital documentation
  • New imagery, video and audio content
  • Web or mobile app design/development